Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DGA Congratulates Onorato

from the inbox:

Gov. Jack Markell, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, and Nathan Daschle, the DGA’s executive director, issued the following statements tonight regarding the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race:

"The first time Pennsylvania voters got to see Dan Onorato in a statewide election, they overwhelmingly liked what they saw," Gov. Markell said. "In a rough economy, he's been able to hold the line on property tax increases and create thousands of good jobs for the residents of his county. Dan is a political outsider whose vision for the future is one of growth and transformation."

Nathan Daschle added that Corbett's free ride to the general election leaves him vulnerable.

"Tom Corbett hasn't been tested and is overvalued as a candidate," Daschle said. "He didn't face serious primary opposition and no one has yet exposed his many flaws. Pennsylvania voters will come to know how Corbett personifies politics as usual, uses his office for political ploys and sides with corporations and special interests over working families. Pennsylvanians need a governor with an optimistic vision for the future - not one who would rather cater to special interests than average families."


phillydem said...

Onorato's a DINO so not much difference between him and Corbett.

There's a lot of talk about anti-incumbent fevor, but Sestak's win is more about PA Dem primary voters choosing a real Democrat over one who became a Dem to ensure his own political survial.

Personally, I was very surprised to see PA-12 remain Democratic. That district is pretty conservative and seemed only to be a Democratic seat because Murtha was an institution. Maybe that showed the "enthusiasm gap" between partisan voters isn't quite as great as it's been portrayed.

AboveAvgJane said...

Hey, PD, always good to hear from you! Thanks for the analysis.

phillydem said...

Jane, will there be a recount in the LtGov race?

I looked at the Beaver County results in the senate primary and I'm quite surprised Sestak carried it. I consider this pretty friendly Specter territory as it's home to many conservative Dems who I'd bet voted for Specter in general elections.

Also shocked at Trividi winning in the 6th.

It looks like liberal and progressive Dems turned out in pretty high numbers for those things to have happened.

AboveAvgJane said...

There has been talk of a recount in the D lt gov and in the D 6th but nothing definite. Trivedi is a good guy, with a compelling story and charisma. I hope he does well.

Sestak did very well. I guess all those years of D conditioning to vote against Specter were hard to break.

phillydem said...

Gerlach will be tough to beat in the 6th. That district is always tempting to look at for a D pick up because it's so evenly divided, but there are just enough people who remember Gerlach from his state lege days for him to retain the seat.

I haven't really done any analysis, but it strikes me that this year, when Dems were given a choice between
the more liberal and more conservative Dem, the liberal one won.

I really wonder what would have happened if my rep, Altmire, had had a challenge from the left. Given the votes for Sestak, he might have lost. He should have an easy time in Nov since the R is one of those far rightwingers (think Metcalf).

There should be plenty of fireworks in the gov race since I'm sure there are plenty of Dems and Republicans
who are just itching to pay Corbett back for his politically based prosecutions.
You might be surprised to know that out this way people recognize Corbett's prosecutions were to benefit himself and not about cleaning up corruption.
You don't read that in letters to the editor on on blogs, but it's there.