Sunday, November 01, 2009

Two More Notes on Chris Asplen

Chris Asplen, Democratic candidate for District Attorney in Bucks County has been endorsed by John Walsh, long time host of tv's "America's Most Wanted." Asplen also noted that his opponent's campaign finance reporting forms were incorrectly prepared. The campaign treasurer is taking the blame, but the candidate also takes some responsibility:

Heckler said that he and his campaign treasurer, attorney William Bolla, were in a rush to get the report filed in time and did their best to make the report accurate. He admitted that he was unprepared for the mountains of paperwork the task created.

Campaign finance is a lot of paperwork but the deadlines are clear; they shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Read more at: "Asplen says Heckler lied about finances," by Laurie Mason Schroeder, Bucks County Courier Times 10/30/09

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