Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Stack of Clippings, Mostly Business

Like everyone else, I'm sorting through the stack of things that accumulated during the buildup to the election and the immediate aftermath.

Here is a group of clippings and news stories that caught my eye but didn't make it to the blog until now:

According to Bob Fernandez in the 10/27 Inky, "Delaware plugged in to new-era 'green' cars," luxury carmaker Fisker will start assembling their electric-hybrid Karma cars at an old GM plant in Wilmington.

From the 10/19 WSJ, "The answer is blowing in ... Iowa," by Yuliya Chernova: "And many are adding new wind capability at a faster clip. The top three during the second quarter of this year: Missouri increased its wind capacity by 90%, though it is still just 19th by total installed; Pennsylvania expanded capacity 28%; and South Dakota 21%."

I would point those who say a gov't health care option would ruin competition to "Big hospital players poised to win," by Dinah Wisenberg Brin in the 10/21 WSJ: "Investor-owned hospital operators are positioned to gain market share from smaller, nonprofit competitors struggling with tight credit markets, investment losses and diminished endowments."

Classic horror film "Dawn of the Dea," by filmed in Monroeville, PA. Who knew? (WSJ 10/22 "Despite all the corpses milling around, things are quite lively at this mall," by Kris Maher)

From the 10/22 WSJ, "States invest more in energy efficiency," by Rebecca Smith, "Four states -- Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Delaware -- recently approved programs calling for utilities to set energy savings goals."

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