Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PA in New Blue Green Alliance Report

From the inbox:

The recommendations included in a report by the Blue Green Alliance, Building a Clean Energy Assembly Line: How Renewable Energy Can Revitalize U.S. Manufacturing and the American Middle Class, outline policies for market building, market reforms, financing, innovation and capacity building to create clean energy jobs. According to the report, renewable energy technologies provide three to six times as many jobs as equivalent investments in fossil fuels when manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance jobs are taken into account.

The report is 20 pages long, and mentions Pennsylvania in a number of places, including a short case study in a PA wind turbine manufacturer. Page 11 has a really cool graphic of supply chain firms, primarily CSP, capable of manufacturing components for the renewable energy sector in Pennsylvania.

Also note this quote:
Scaling up renewable energy will pay big job dividends in the industrial Midwest. Of the states with the potential to create the most renewable energy jobs, six of 10 are in the Midwest, including Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana,
Wisconsin and Michigan.


Austin in PA said...

Very cool news, if a bit off in the geography.

AboveAvgJane said...

Midwest is a very nebulous term. Everyone seem to have a different definition.