Monday, February 16, 2009

Schwartz Statement on Stimulus

From the inbox, concerning Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-13):

Schwartz’s statement concerning the recovery act follows below.

“The economy is in crisis – my constituents in Southeastern Pennsylvania and I see it every day.

“Our families are struggling with lost income and lost health insurance – even as the demands on household budgets grow. Our businesses are struggling with lost consumers, increased costs, and difficulties in accessing capital. Our state, cities and towns are struggling with shrinking revenues in the face of increased demand for services, aging infrastructure and other obligations.

“It was essential that we took action today. That is why we passed a bold, innovative recovery plan that will provide relief to families and business; create jobs; and lay the groundwork for future economic growth.

“Today we voted to:

· Cut taxes for 95% of American workers;

· Reduce the cost of COBRA health coverage for the unemployed;

· Improve access to capital and stimulate growth;

· Repair infrastructure;

· Invest in new energy sources and energy efficiencies; and

· Drive the innovation that will keep America competitive in the global market place.

“I am particularly proud of the major new investment in health information technology that will lead to near universal use of electronic medical records within 10 years – improving the quality and coordination of care, saving lives, and saving costs for patients, employers, and taxpayers.

“This recovery package is a smart, timely investment to meet today's challenges and fulfill America's promise.”

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