Monday, November 27, 2006

Progressive States Network

The Progressive States Network is asking supporters across the country to sign up as citizen cosponsors of the Progressive States Agenda (they want name, email, and zip -- standard database building info):

Although these are obviously not exhaustive of the issues that embody the progressive agenda, the following issues reflect where progressives can make some of the most serious political inroads in the present environment and for which the Progressives States Network will be providing technical and campaign support:

* Wage Standards and Workplace Freedom— assuring that American workers receive a decent wage and the freedom of speech in the workplace to stand up for their own interests.
* Balancing Work and Family- helping create a more family-friendly workplace and society through better family leave policies, paid sick days, support for child care, and access to contraception.
* Health Care for All- extending health care coverage to all Americans, while helping cut costs for those currently receiving health coverage.
* Smart Growth and Clean Jobs- promoting energy independence and job growth through new transit options, smart development to strengthen our communities, and new energy technologies.
* Tax and Budget Reform- creating more equity and accountability in state tax systems, economic development subsidies and public contracts.
* Clean and Fair Elections- reforming lobbying corruption, establishing public financing for elections, protecting voting rights, and election reforms like vote by mail to improve the voting process.

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