Friday, November 24, 2006

A Note of Thanks

It has been far too long since I wrote a “small things I am thankful for” post and this weekend would seem an appropriate time to do so. Of course I am thankful for the big things – Mr. J and the kids, all healthy and willing to put up with me, my friends (virtual and otherwise), an uneventful year for the household, a job I like, and extended family.

However, there are small kindnesses that have stood out in my mind, times when someone went a little out of their way to help a stranger, that should also be recognized.

As I was trying to find a parking spot, a woman pulling out of one kept waving at me. When I finally rolled down my window she said there was still an hour of time on her meter.

My breakfast cereal of choice is almost always stocked on the very top shelf of the grocery store. Usually I just climb the shelves or use another box to knock down the ones I want. On one particular shopping day, however, there were just a few boxes left, shoved way back on the shelf. I could see them but not reach them. A tall man came around the corner of the aisle, took one look at me and asked what I needed. I told him. He asked how many boxes. I told him. He reached up, got them, handed them over, and went on with only a grunt in reply to my thanks. He could read the situation and solve the problem with a minimum of fuss. His personal universe must run very smoothly.

On a rainy evening all the houses on my street lost electricity. Pulling into the driveway with the kids, no streetlights, no lights on inside, I was a little worried about finding candles and matches in the dark and the kids being scared. The next door neighbor met us on the sidewalk with a loaner flashlight. He will be getting a nice bottle of wine in his Christmas stocking.

My thanks to these people and all the others who took a moment to smooth the path of someone just passing by.

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