Monday, November 13, 2006

Corsets + Heels = Property Tax Relief?

With all the election fuss this escaped my notice. As you all know, slot machines are coming to Pennsylvania and the grand sums of money they will make is slated to provide property tax relief. I have qualms about gambling in general and think it will bring as many problems as it solves.

The new casino at Philadelpia Park has started hiring cocktail servers, to be known as Philly Parkettes. The uniform will be corsets and short black skirts. Those interested in applying were encouraged to wear 4" heels and coached through a dance routine. The salary? According to the Inquirer ("Divas of drinks, by Dwayne Campbell, 10/05, full text here),

Stephanie Wheeler, the casino's vice president of human resources, said those hired would earn base wages comparable to "what a tip-type of job basically earns," but the potential for earning tips was immense.


Philadelphia Park's Wheeler said the company had nearly 10,000 applicants for all jobs, and only a few had expressed concern about the recruiting method (the company asks people applying for most positions to undergo similar methods of testing enthusiasm).

Really? The people who will be repairing the slot machines were asked to wear 4" heels and dance? The managers? Did Ms. Wheeler have to perform like this to get her job?

The auditions were supposed to allow applicants to "show their personalities..." Yep. I'm sure that was it.

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