Thursday, April 06, 2006

PoliticsPA Update

[Update: As of 8:21 p.m. this evening, is back up. Not sure if this is permanent yet.]

Because of a previously acknowledged acquaintance with the anonymous editors, I have received a few emails lately asking if I know what is going on with PoliticsPA. Like many many other people I've received notices that there were server problems. I asked for more detail and got this in reply, along with permission to post it if I wanted. So if you were curious, here goes:

All, I want to first thank you for your many emails. Yes, we are still
here and we'll be back very soon!

We had a server breakdown and have been working furiously to get it working again. We’ve been running continuously since October 2001 and this was our first brief interruption in service.

For as frustrating it is for you to not be able read PoliticsPA, it’s even more frustrating for us to not be able to easily communicate with our tens of thousands of readers. See you soon!

Sy Snyder

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