Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Night of Three Blue Ties, Interrupted

I was able to catch the first hour of the second Democratic senatorial candidates debate, up until about 7:55. Here are my notes on that portion of the evening. They are very rough. As usual, eRobin has done a far better, more thorough job.

2nd senate debate

Terry Madonna introduces time keeper Ben Donahower (of Keystone Politics fame -- Jane) and moderator Janelle Stelson.

The candidates are referred to by initials, BC for Bob Casey, CP for Chuck Pennacchio and AS for Alan Sandals.

It was interesting to note that all three wore blue ties, which blended in nicely with the blue curtains behind them. A very blue evening.

BC – soothing blue striped tie
CP – blue patterned tie
AS – baby blue tie

Opening Statements

CP – He wants to take politics away from special interests; he is the only candidate that rejects special interests. He wants people politics not money politics. He wants to build bridges between us and other countries.

BC—all 3 will agree a new senator needed

AS – wants more debates


1)What 3 pieces of legislation would you introduce first and why?

AS – global warming, pensions, tax free years at age 63 that would allow people to keep working
CP – universal single payer health care, bilateral trade, living wage. Private insurers are fleecing Americans; 25% of American working full time live in poverty. We need progressive taxation
BC – health care fiscal responsibility national security, every 4 year old access to pre-K, government commission dig into the budget to look for special interests, ethics reform

AS – CP unrealistic, BC too timid

2) immigration

CP – national security issues, business violation issues, campaign finance reform
BC – get tough on employers, border control
AS – border control, stop drug trafficking and people trafficking, undocumented workers pull down wages

CP – only candidate looking at real issues, change the way we do politics

3) same sex marriage
BC – no same sex marriage, but yes on civil unions. Accept people for who they are. We should not write discrimination back into the Constitution

AS – Many benefits are restricted only to those who are married. You may not agree with gays but we don’t discriminate in America.

CP – He takes Declaration of Independence seriously. Too many Americans being left behind, denying legal rights when seek to criminalize right to choose.

BC – American family under real stress. Economic trauma puts stress on marriage, gays not a real threat to marriage, losing a job is

4) tax cuts – Bush wants them made permanent, should they be?

AS – no, not in highest earning tax payers, roll back taxes to where they were in Clinton years, tax capitol gains, build private accounts on top of social security

CP – only one who will not run way from this situation, need progressive taxes, filthy rich need to pay their fair share

BC – in front of 1200 business leaders said if there is an opportunity to repeal tax cut for top 1% we should. Fairness and fiscal responsibility,

AS – only candidate with small business who meets a payroll

5 – supreme court nominations contentious, what criteria should be used in selecting judges and when should the filibuster be used?

CP – Partisanship issue is all coming from one direction. BC endorsed Roberts and Alito. He (CP) would have filibustered because he believes in privacy rights. Alito and Roberts at war with privacy rights at the expense of women, workers, etc.

BC – We should keep filibuster not do away with it. There should not be any one litmus test for nominees – should not have any litmus test but instead a series of things, character (integrity), experience, judicial temperament, judicial philosophy

AS – He is only candidate who goes head to head with judges; you are not secure in your rights under Bush judges. We are losing our rights bit by bit, drip by drip. Litmus – is it bad for labor, civil rights, environment, gun control, womens rights

CP – 63 lawyers in senate not a lot of common sense

At that point I had to stop watching. I hope other people caught the rest of it.


eRobin said...

Thanks for the link. I had to laugh when I saw your tie wrap-up. Casey's wardrobe people were probably telling him, "I know we were wrong last time wtih the whole open-collar look but blue tie says safe. Blue tie says vote for me!"

Carl said...

We just posted the full audio, at

Carl Lavin
Deputy managing editor, news
Philadelphia Inquirer

AboveAvgJane said...


Thank you very much for letting me know. I'll spread the word around as much as I can.


Assisting in tie selection is one of my marital duties so I tend to notice them.