Monday, April 10, 2006

The Money Game

(via A source close to the Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Murphy has confirmed speculation about their first quarter fundraising totals. As of the March 31 deadline, here are their totals:
Total raised for the campaign: $503,509.85. Raised for the quarter: $248,427.39. Cash on Hand: $300,998.56

(via email) To place this in context, in 2004, Ginny Schrader raised a total of 691k. At this point in the campaign, she’d amassed a war chest of $13,191.

(via email) Joe Sestak, a former Vice Admiral in the U.S. Navy and the Democrat challenging 20-year incumbent Curt Weldon, today announced that his campaign had raised $420,000 in the 60 days since he announced his intention to run.


plshark said...

Hi, Jane.

Any figures on avg contribution amounts? Also, any breakdown of contribution sources (i.e. netroots, unions, etc.)? Thanks.


AboveAvgJane said...


The reports are due in on Friday or Monday and then they will be dissected by people who are far more into this than you or me. Give it a few days after the reports are in and then check for all the breakdowns you could possibly want. Politicspa will probably have some info as well. I know Murphy has been having a lot of events with a low recommended contribution level so I image he has a lot of small contributions. Sestak asked people to join the "$10.00 club" which is as inexpensive as I've ever seen such things go. I'll post when some of the breakdowns are out but you may see them first if you watch closely. (Let me know if you do.)