Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Army vs Navy in PA-07

According to a press release on politicspa, Paul Scoles has decided against running for the 7th Pennsylvania Congressional district. He is throwing his support behind Vice Admiral Joe Sestak (ret.), who announced his candidacy today.

This would be a surprising announcement in and of itself, but it completely ignores a candidate who has already been running for months. Democrat Bryan Lentz, another of the Iraqi veteran / lawyers, is also contending for the right to try to oust incumbent Republican Curt Weldon.

Lentz has been doing well with fundraising and has had some well-placed publicity, such as this mention in a letter to the Inquirer on Nov. 22, 2005:

My company commander, Major Bryan Lentz, was in a village in Ninewa province after a small well was dug. A beaming elder held up a small container of water and said that he would thank Americans every time he or his people had water.

Sestak does have some good press. For instance this quote from the Chicago Tribune (Still Making Waves Amid a Sea Change, Storer H Rowley, January 29, 1998)

Sestak typifies highly educated officers rising to assume commands in the Navy. Born in Springfield, Pa., he attended the Naval Academy and earned a master's degree in public administration and a doctorate in political economy and government from Harvard University.

He was held up as an exemplar for sailors interested in pursuing higher education while in uniform and testified about the importance of the Navy being involved in the space race.

However, we also find a few negatives. There are the grumblings of subordinates, which can be dismissed as, well, grumblings of subordinates. This, however, is harder to dismiss:

Deputy CNO Sestak Is 'Reassigned'
New CNO Reportedly Makes Move Because Of 'Poor Command Climate'
(, July 25, 2005)
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations Vice Adm. Joseph Sestak was "administratively reassigned" by the new Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Mike Mullen. A Navy Department source said there were no allegations of misconduct on the part of Sestak. Rather, the move was made because of poor "command climate." Widely viewed as an intellectual within the Navy Department, Sestak was a key figure in fashioning the Navy’s role in the quadrennial defense reviews conducted by the Pentagon.

This will be an interesting race.


Anonymous said...

There are some other potential problems with Sestak. To begin with, he lives with his family in northern Virginia, which makes sense, as he was until recently a Pentagon official. He doesn't own a house in PA7, nor in Pennsylvania, but apparently kept his voter registration there at a family member's house. This will leave Sestak extremely vulnerable to charges of carpet-bagging.

Second, Sestak is not a Democrat. Or, at least, he wasn't a Democrat until two days ago. He was a registered independent, and an aide to Donald Rumsfeld. This isn't to say that people can't have a change of heart, but the timing is strange, and he may have trouble holding the base.

Third, Sestak has raised no money to date. This places him at a serious disadvantage. Lentz has already raised $120,000 and has a campaign office and staff. It's not clear how Sestak can effectively overcome Lentz's money and organizatonal advantages.

Finally, many local Dems appear turned off by the party leadership's summary, eleventh-hour endorsement of a complete unknown (who lives in Virginia and isn't a Democrat!) It's raising a lot of eyebrows and a lot of questions. Why not go with a guy (Lent) who has raised money, has a progressive policy agenda, connects well with audiences (or so word has it) and has a strong resume? What's the agenda here?

PA-Dem-Voter said...

Does anyone know where Sestak stands on the issues? I read that he's in favor of gay civil unions and a withdrawal from Iraq. How about abortion? Energy? Education? Health care? We know where Scoles and Lentz are on this (the same). Has he said anythign?

Anonymous said...

Baggage? Why doesnt someone ask Bryan Lentz about his financial contribution a few years back to Rick Santorum, and the money he is raising from Republican law firms?

Carpet bagging? Sestak was born and raised in Delaware County and like many in the military chose to maintain his legal resident in his hometown while he served his nation. On the other hand, Bryan Lentz moved in the district less then three months ago.

Joe Sestak worked for Bill Clinton in the White House on the National Security Council. Don't buy the Rumsfeld friend bit.

Who's got the real baggage here? And who's the real candidate who can take on Weldon in November?

Anonymous said...

Baggage? Why doesnt someone ask Bryan Lentz about his contribution a few years back to Rick Santorum? And why he is raising tons of money from Republican law firms?

Carpetbagger? Joe Sestak was born and raised in Delaware County and maintained his legal residence in the county throughout his enitre military service to the nation, which is what many service members do. Bryan Lentz on the other hand moved into Delaware County less then three months ago.

As for party registration, I remember Colin Powell stating a few years back that while he had partisan beliefs while in the military, he felt it necessary to maintain a non-partisan registration. Joe Sestak believes the same thing...and while he is a progressive Democrat, chose to maintain a non-partisan registration until his retirement. And by the way he has said that some of his proudest moments in the Navy came while he worked on the National Security Council in Bill Clinton's White House.

Put the two candidates together on the same stage and the stature of Sestak diminishes Lentz to an incredible degree.

Sestak can beat Curt Weldon. Lentz can't. Period.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that doesn't fly. To recap:

* Lentz lives and owns a home in the district (and is a lifelong resident of southeast PA)

* Sestak lives and owns a home in northern Virginia.

* Lentz has been a registered Democrat for well over a decade

* Sestak was not, until yesterday, a registered Democrat, and may still not be one

*Lentz has raised over $120,000.

*Sestak has raised $0.

*Lentz has very detailed positions on a range of issues (see his website) that fall sqarely within the Dem party mainstream.

*Sestak...well, we know nothing about Sestak.

*Lentz has an office, a staff, and national talent.

*Sestak has...Cliff Wilson.

You ask, "And who's the real candidate who can take on Weldon in November?" The question seems to answer itself.

LVDem said...

oh, he has Cliff Wilson... right there he's destined to win...cough.

pa-dem-voter said...

I'm still on the fence, as I was when Paul Scoles was still in the race, but I'm getting tired of hearing the party leadership mock _fundraising._ It's how you win! It's why we lose! It's what we need to do to win!

How are we defining a "Republican lawfirm." Is that a law firm where Republicans happen to work, or be partners? By that definition, do you know how many "Republican law firms" Bob Casey, Ed Rendell...heck, Barak Obama, accept contributions from? I'm sure Paul Wellstone took money from "Republican law firms." Give me a break.

If my brother-in-law is a registered Republican, should I find myself a new, not-Republican family? Let's get real.

MediaMom-2 said...

Could someone explain the origins of the party leadership's hatred for Bryan Lentz? I met Bryan at an event: he was charming, genuine, well-spoken. I agreed with a lot of what he said. I'm happy to give Joseph Sestak a fair hearing, but I'm really turned off by all the negativity, which seems to be aimed completely at Bryan. At the event, Bryan fielded questions that he easily could have used to tear into Paul Scoles and the party chairman. But he just kept his message positive. All I hear from the Scoles/Sestak people is how terrible Bryan Lentz is (though without any real specifics). Do they have something positive to say? Can they explain WHY Sestak, whose resume seems about equal to Bryan's, no better, no worse, is the better candidate? How about saving the fire for Curt Weldon and having a constructive debate -- one that EVERYONE, not just a handful of party leaders, gets to participate in?

Anonymous said...

Okay: prove it. What did Lentz say about Sestak? Don't just TELL us he said something negative. SHOW us.

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Lentz to save the fire for Weldon. Lentz is the one who has gone negative all of a sudden, with an attack on Sestak the day after he entered the race. Seems the negativity is coming from Lentz, not Sestak.

Anonymous said...

Okay: prove it. What did Lentz say about Sestak? Don't just TELL us he said something negative. SHOW us.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Lentz's press release if you want to read about his negative campaign.

Anonymous said...

That's not an answer. In fact, Lentz's press release notes that he is moving forward to promote a progressive agenda, raise money, and beat Curt Weldon. A positive message all around.

LVDem said...

And this is why the Delco/Chesco Dems have so many problems... "you're guy is worse than my guy!"

Get behind Lentz folks. Anybody with Cliff Wilson's support is done.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who said that Lentz has more baggage than Sestak. Lentz was just quoted as saying people gave money to his cmapaign becuase they thought he would make a good member of Congress. Is that why Lent has given hundreds of dollars to Santorum's campaign?

How about the fact that Lentz was registered to vote at his law firm in Philly? Isn't that voter fraud?

How about Lentz being a member of George Bochetto's Republican law firm at one point? And he's still tight with Bochetto, since Bochetto's given him thousands of dollars toward election? Are you telling me he's not going to take his cues from Bochetto?

Then there's the fact that Lentz represented a man who was accused of child molestation and took naked photos of a 7 year old. I'm all for legal represeantion, but it shows Lentz has few qualms about the type of people he represents.

Then there's all the monery Lentz has given to John Dougherty, who's tied into the City Hall corruption probes. Doesn't smell good.

The list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Sestak has maintained his home in Springfield throughout his service with the Navy. Did he reside there during the entire time? No, of course, not. He was either assigned to an aircraft carrier or to a desk in DC, so it's only natural that he wasn't in Springfield. His service to our nation took precedence.

Lentz, on the other hand, is brand new to the 7th Congressional District and to Delaware County. He moved to Swarthmore in September and that's the first anyone has heard of him in Delco.

No one is saying that Lentz isn't qualified, he may well be, but many of his high dollar contributions come from Republican backers and it's fairly clear that he was dispatched to this area to work as a disruption to the Democrats in their effort to unseat Weldon.

Sestak has a tremendous resume and I have no problem with his lack of political affiliation until now. He feels strongly, as did Colin Powell, that active military personnel should remain apolitical - I agree that they should.

There is no agenda here. Sestak came to the party seeking it's support and, based on his impressive resume, the party saw fit to give him their support. Lentz entered the race surreptitiously and made no effort to contact party leaders before announcing. He's neither sought the approval nor the support of the county party, nor, it appears does he desire the endorsement of the county committee members.

This primary does one thing - it weakens both candidates in advance of what is sure to be a difficult fight against Curt Weldon. Let's not forget that the ultimate goal here is to unseat an unqualified, overextended Congressman who, while "residing" in Delaware County througout his tenure has likely spent more time in DC, Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, and Russia than he has in Delaware County! And probably less time in Delco than either Sestak or Lentz.

Anonymous said...

The notion that one should have to "clear" his candidacy with the chairman of the country party is absurd. Registered Democrats choose their candidate in a primary; it's not a decision left to Cliff Wilson and three other people.

Furthermore, nobody "dispatched" Bryan Lentz, and there's nothing "surreptitious" about his candidacy. He's issued press release after press release, appeared on Air America, given interviews to the Phily Inquirer, Delco Times, Philadelphia Daily News, AP, and published a detailed website. He's also appeared at countless local Democratic events.

These attempts to drag Lentz's name through the mud raise a serious question: why would the party leaders back two candidates -- Scoles and Sestak -- who have no money, and no organization, over a progressive Democrat who has proved he can raise money, and who has an organization? There must be something more to this story.

It's worth remembering that Chairman Wilson has a checkered past of his own. He once worked for the Brooklyn Democratic party machine and was implicated in a very serious campaign finance scandal involving the misappropriation of public funds. (Wilson was on the public payroll but performed no work for the state; instead, he was running political operations in the next county over. His boss was indicted; Wilson left New York in disgrace and reinvented himself in Pennsylvania.) Wilson is, to put it mildly, no princpled citizen-activist. He's a career machine hack with a very complicated agenda, and that agenda does not include promoting good, progressive candidates.

The best thing for everyone will be an open primary. Far from weakening candidates, primaries strengthen them by making them sharpen their message and hone their operation. Let the best man win, and then let the best man beat Curt Weldon.

Anonymous said...

Re: Above Posting: Some people simply have no class.

Joe Sestak is going to Congress...get aboard before the ship leaves port.

MediaMom-2 said...

"Joe Sestak is going to Congress...get aboard before the ship leaves port."

But you see, this is just the problem. The party leadership keeps TELLING us what to do and what to believe. First, they demanded that everyone get behind Paul Scoles. Then, they demanded that everyone get behind Joseph Sestak. Doesn't Sestak have to earn my support before I "get aboard?" Can he really do that in two weeks?

I agree with "anonymous" -- or with one of the anonymouses. An open primary is the way to go. No party endorsement. Let Lentz and Sestak take their message to the voters. Let individual committeemen make their own endorsements. A little democratic process would do the Democratic party some good.

Anonymous said...

It seems pretty clear to the two candidates and Sestak just rises above Lentz in so many ways. I mean there really is no comparison. Sestak is so much more impressive and has so much more experience. I think the voters will clearly see he is the better candidate.

UDDem said...

Anonymous said, " Lentz entered the race surreptitiously and made no effort to contact party leaders before announcing. He's neither sought the approval nor the support of the county party, nor, it appears does he desire the endorsement of the county committee members."

Not true. Lentz made every effort to speak to Wilson regarding hic candidacy but was ignored. When you're not Mr. Wilson's chosen candidate you don't get the opportunity to speak at County Party functions.

Bryan Lentz would certainly like the endorsement of the committee members. In the controlled atmosphere of Mr. Wilson's convention he doesn't expect to get it but we shall see.

Why should any committee member vote to endorse Sestak when they know nothing about him except that he spent most of his adult life in the Navy?

Anonymous said...

Uddem said: "Why should any committee member vote to endorse Sestak when they know nothing about him except that he spent most of his adult life in the Navy?"

Um, maybe becuase of what we know about Lentz? He's given money to the very conservative Santorum, he worked at a Republican law firm owned by big time GOP fundraiser George Bochetto (who has also given heavily to Lentz). What's that say about his politics?

As one poster noted, he represented a man who take naked photos of a 7-year old. What's that say about his ethics?

Maybe committee people won't vote for him because they realize he isn't electable.

Disgusted Voter said...

So much for civility. The above poster is a LIAR (and, it would appear, a real pervert). But this is the blogosphere, so he's free to lie (under the cloak of anonymity). I dare him/her to repeat those charges about Lentz in public, and to face the libel lawsuit that would likely bankrupt him/her.

Someone should tell Joe Sestak and Cliff Wilson to get some class -- and to get some people around them with some class.

Anonymous said...

Hey--this goes out to the moron who posted unfounded allegations about Bryan Lentz. The police dropped charges against the client in question when they found out that said charges were bogus. The guy was never tried, because the cops agreed that the alleged crime never occured. How did I find this out? Google. Really hard.

I agree with Disgusted Voter. Whoever is working overtime to smear Bryan Lentz is classless. Did Curt Weldon send you guys to sabotage the race? That's what I hear. And only a conservative Republican would argue that people (esp. innocent people) don't deserve counsel. That's very John Ashcroft of you.

Anonymous said...

Um, no, the cops didn't drop the charges. Lentz helped him cop a plea. See the article in the montgomery county Reporter. Via google no less.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it was the Lentz supporters who started attacking Joe Sestak first. Now that a few things have come out that hit home they suddenly want to play nice.

There's nothing libelous about telling the truth. He represented a man who took naked photos of a 7 year old boy in a shower at camp. Do you dispute that? And the man was in fact tried. The man even pleaded guilty to sexually harrassing the boy. Get your facts right.

Give me a break with your libel crap. Like I said, I have no problem with representation for all, but it does raise questions about an individuals ethics when they would represent an individual like this.

Anonymous said...

These facts are categorically wrong. The picture and sexual harrasment charges were dropped.

Sorry,'re terribly misinformed.

Tell your guy to take the Clean-Campaign pledge. And while you're at it, show some class and live up to it yourself.

pa-dem-voter said...

As of today, Lentz announced a clean campaign pledge. (Let's hope Sestak joined in; I'm sure he will.) I don't agree that Lentz or his people have gone dirty. Far from it. Lentz has so far only raised the question of Sestak's residency and party registration, which seem like pretty legitimate -- not personal -- issues to raise. They go to qualifications to run. That's not negative campaigning. It's not about character. It's not like calling someone a pedophile (or a friend of pedophiles), for instance. And in fairness, these very ugly charges against Lentz aren't coming from Joe Sestak. Or they don't appear to be. They are coming from some very classless people.

It's also worth noting that Lentz never had a bad word to say about Paul Scoles. Not once. I was an admirer of Scoles (until he let down his supporters), and I always thought Lentz was playing pretty fair.

In turn, someone is orchestrating a vile whisper campaign, slandering Lentz (he used to PROSECUTE sex crimes, for God's sake); going after his family members (e.g., his brother, who's been the subject of these blog attacks).

For the good of the party, someone in the Sestak/Wilson camp needs to restrain the ground troops. I'm sure this isn't coming directly from Sestak (and I would HOPE it's not coming from Wilson). But these people are making the Democratic party look really foolish and shrill.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting that now that some of these personal flaws have arisen, Lentz wants to run a "Clean Campaign." But I'm sure its just a coincidence he's doing it as some of these skeletons in his closet have been exposed, right? Perhaps he's afraid of voters hearing the truth?

mediamom-2 said...

THIS is what we need more of, from both sides...(press release from site)


Lentz Calls For Open Primary
and Announces Clean-Campaign Pledge

Lentz Campaign Says It's Time to "Bring democracy back to
the Delaware County Democrats"

Calls on Opponent to Join Him in Promising Unconditional Support for
the Winner of the May Primary

February 7, 2006 - Bryan Lentz, the frontrunner for the Democratic
nomination in Pennsylvania's seventh congressional district, today called on the Delaware County Democratic Party to endorse an open primary at its nominating convention next week. Lentz also announced a clean-campaign pledge and promised to campaign extensively for the full Democratic ticket in the fall, regardless of the outcome of the May primary. He is calling on Joseph Sestak to make the same commitments.

Lentz, an Iraq war veteran who virtually matched incumbent U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon dollar-for-dollar in fundraising last quarter, recently opened his campaign office in Media and has hired a full-time campaign manager, finance
director, and research director. Last week, Lentz won an important
endorsement from former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland (D-GA).

"Registered Democrats deserve to make their own choices about the future of their party and their communities," said Lentz. "These decisions shouldn't be made by a handful of self-appointed people who convene secretly in a back room. Let's show people that we're not just the Democratic party, but also
a democratic party."

Lentz added, "I've always said that nobody has a right to this nomination.
I have to earn it, and so does my opponent. Joe got into this race less than two weeks before the nominating convention, so the only good way to proceed is through an open primary. I welcome Joe to the race and look forward to a vigorous, substantive and public debate."

"I intend to stand by whatever decision the voters make in May," Lentz promised, "and I hope my opponent will do the same. Win or lose, the party can count on me this fall. I'm a fighting Democrat, and I'm going to fight hard for a Democratic victory in November."

Lentz explained that he will not attack his opponent on personal grounds; neither will he sanction any such attacks from his supporters. "We both
served our country honorably," he said. "We're both good family men. We owe it to the voters, and to ourselves, to elevate the public discourse. We should have a vigorous debate about ideas, strategy and qualifications, but at the end of the day, there is no place in this campaign for attacks on
people's character, personality or good intentions."

Lentz's campaign manager, Juli-anne Whitney, has instructed staff members and volunteers that any attacks on Joe's family, or his character, will not be tolerated. "We're quite serious about this," Whitney said. "Bryan Lentz
is a class act, and we're going to make sure that the people representing him continue to adhere to the highest standard of conduct. We can't control the behavior of our opponents, but we take full responsibility for the kind
of campaign we wage."

Ed Bradley, a county committee member from Upper Darby and chairman of Lentz's campaign, said, "Bryan is ready to unite this party, and the clean campaign pledge is central to this mission. But just as we're holding out an olive branch, we want to be clear on one point: any ad hominem attacks on Bryan's character or family will be met with a swift and certain response."

"We're going to win the primary," Bradley continued, "because we're
better-funded, better-organized, and we have the better, progressive
message. This is America, where citizens get to make choices - not
political bosses. By having an open primary, we can bring democracy back to the Delaware County Democrats."

Democrat Bryan Lentz, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for Congress in Pennsylvania's Seventh District, is a decorated veteran of the
Iraq war. In the first four months of his candidacy, he raised more money than all of Curt Weldon's Democratic opponents over the last ten years, combined. For more information log on to


Anonymous said...

How ironic. Lentz pledges not to attack, and then goes on the attack in the very press release in which he pledges not to attack...criticizing the party endorsement process as a bunch of "self appointed people secretly convening in a back room." Hundreds of committee people have a right to vote on the endorsement next week...hardly a back room deal.

Anonymous said...

Lentz supporters have one thing right, he's the true outsider. He's born and raised outside of the district, only moving to Delco to announce his candidacy.

His campaign manager lives in New York, a fact Politicspa pointed out last week. And his volunteer coordinator lives in West Philly. ALmost all of his cmapaign money has been donated from outside the district.

And now they don't want committee people to endorse in the primary. Not hard to see why...

Anonymous said...

The best campaigns -- the WINNING campaigns -- bring in staff from out of state. Campaign managers, press secretaries, consultants, pollsters. Campaigns are, like it or not, an industry, with professionals who know how to raise and spend the roughly $2 million it now takes to win a House race. I'm not saying this is the way politicalls OUGHT to operate. But it's how politics DOES operate. The Delaware County Democratic machine is, simply put, hopelessly broken, and if it's minions do not understand the value of importing top-flight campaign talent, it will continue doing what it does best: LOSING. Is the idea to run a great, homegrown campaign that's underfunded and wins 40% of the vote? Or to beat Curt Weldon?

FYI, Pat Murphy's campaign manager: not from Pennsylvania. Bob Casey's campaign manager: last worked as campaign manager to Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina (though he was, in fact, born in PA).

I hope, for the good of the party, that Joseph Sestak isn't as parochial and naive as some of his supporters. Surely, after a career spent around the world (and, it bears adding, NOT in Pennsylvania), he's cosmopolitan and sophisticated enough to know that he needs to hire national talent to dislodge a 10-term incumbant...

...because local activists like the above writer clearly don't know what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

In 2004 over half of Scoles's money came from out of state/Cliff Wilson wasn't born in Pennsylvania and once served in the NY state legislature/Harris Wofford was born in New York City.

Does this mean that a) Scoles was not truly a local candidate? b) Wilson has no business being involved with PA politics? and c) Wofford should never have served as a U.S. senator from PA?

Hardly. But if you buy the logic of the anti-Lentz partisans, the answer is yes.

How about some consistency here.

v.f.dem said...

Actually, according to Political Money Line (, for the 2006 cycle, 52% of Paul Scoles's money came from out-of-state; by contrast, 48% of Lentz's money to date has come from out-of-state, and 52% from in-state. So, actually, they're pretty much even, but Scoles's money is slightly LESS local than Lentz's.

I'm not saying this makes Scoles "bad" and Lentz "good." I'm just pointing out the facts. I don't care who they raise money from, as long as it's not PACS or corporate interests (which is excatly where Weldon gets most of his cash from -- for example, defense contractors, etc.) In fact, Scoles and Lentz have taken virtually no PAC money (the FEC counts as Lentz's only "PAC" contribution $1500 from Greg Philips's campaign committee).

v.f.dem said...

By comparison, 52% of Weldon's INDIVIDUAL contributors are from out-of-state (same figure as Scoles's, very close to Lentz's figure as well). But individual controbutions make up only $150k of the roughly $258k he's raised to date this cycle. $105,000 has come from PACS, most of them not based in PA. I'm a lot more comfortable with people soliciting contributions from out-of-state friends, family and supporters than from corporate PACS.

Point of clarificarion: these percentages cover only itemized receipts, that is, of contributors who give $200 or above and have to be filed in the FEC report. Small contributions over the internet for $25 and $50 and such don't get counted or reported. I don't know if there's any way to get those totals and add them to the larger calculation. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Those campaign managers at least live in Pa now that the campiagns are up and running. Lentz' campaign manager is still fielding calls in New York. Way to be connected to the ground troops and voters. And I would hardly describe her as "national talent." What's her campaign experience. She's a friend of his, nothing more. Probably because he couldn't find anyone local to work for him.

Same goes for a volunteer coordinator who lives in West Philly. Couldn't find anyone form Delco to work for him. Not a big surprise since Lents is so closely tied to the Philly party leaders.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again. His campaign manager was deputy campaign manager on a succesful U.S. House race in New Jersey; field coordinator on a succesful U.S. Senate campaign, also in New Jersey; worked before that for several NJ state legislators; then logged in several years' experience with NYC-based media relations firms, taking a range of clients from film and entertainment companies to nonprofit action and advocacy groups. She also served briefly as Fernando Ferrer's press secretary. Her New York number? It's a CELL phone (if you mean the number of Lentz's press releases, it's a 917 area code - that exchange is only assigned to cell phones). She's running this race out of the district, in Lentz's new campaign office in Media.

Get your facts straight. If someone was hoping that Lentz picked an inexperienced campaign manager, that someone is out of luck.

So, who's running Sestak's race?

mediamon-2 said...

This may put to rest some of the chatter of the last few days. Taken from (a truly addictive website!)




Law Enforcement Officials Cite

Lentz's Tough Prosecution of Violent Criminals

February 8, 2006 Over 40 former prosecutors and retired police officers
announced their support today of Bryan Lentz, the frontrunner for the
Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s seventh congressional district.
Lentz, an Iraq war veteran who virtually matched incumbent U.S. Rep. Curt
Weldon dollar-for-dollar in fundraising last quarter, served from 1993 to
1999 as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia.

In an open letter to members of the Delaware, Montgomery and Chester County
Democratic committees, forty former prosecutors wrote, ‘As fellow
prosecutors who also served in the District Attorney’s office, we thought
you should know about his important track record in prosecuting violent
crimes ‘ particularly, in prosecuting crimes against women.’

The letter continued, 'One of Bryan's first cases as an ADA involved one of
the most heinous crimes in southeast Pennsylvania history. A violent gang
from the Olney section of Philadelphia broke into the home of an immigrant
family from Vietnam, ransacked their house, bound the parents with cord, and
took turns raping their fifteen-year-old daughter. One of the assailants
was HIV-positive. When Bryan was assigned to prosecute this case, two trials
had already resulted in hung juries. But Bryan won a conviction, and the
chief assailant was sentenced to 8½ to 16 years in prison.'

Chief Inspector Jim Shanahan (ret.), Philadelphia Police Department, who
served as Commanding Officer Civil Affairs Bureau, Juvenile Aid Division,
Special Patrol Bureau and Human Resource Bureau, added that 'Bryan is a
fighter, and he put a lot of very dangerous criminals behind bars. He's
always been a good friend of law enforcement, and a dedicated public
servant. He'll make an outstanding congressman.'

Robert Montague, a retired Philadelphia police lieutenant who worked closely
with Lentz in the Organized Crime Unit, said, 'Bryan spearheaded one of the
most effective crackdowns on gang violence in the state. He sent many, many
dangerous criminals to prison and made communities safe for children and
their families.'

Al Harris, a widely respected retired police captain who served 37 years in
law enforcement, who has lectured in post-Apartheid South Africa, Beijing
and Berlin, and who was Commander of Criminal Investigations during Lentz's
tenure in the DA’s office, said he is ‘proud to call Bryan a friend. He’s
one of the hardest-working, most conscientious, most honest men I know. He
had ‘ and continues to have ‘ an excellent relationship with law

Joel S. Rosen, who won acclaim for his successful prosecution of murderer
Ira Einhorn, said, "Bryan was in the trenches every day, fighting to put
away some of the most violent criminals in the city. He was a smart, tough
prosecutor and would be a great representative for the people of the Seventh

In their public letter, the prosecutors praised Lentz’s work with immigrant
communities in Philadelphia, explaining that ‘Bryan was particularly
insistent that immigrants, who often do not have the language skills or
social capital necessary to navigate the criminal justice system, be
accorded the same respect and protection as native citizens and

‘Safe communities are good for families, good for children, good for
business, and good for America,’ the letter concluded. ‘Bryan Lentz has
been a fighter all of his life, and we think it's important that you hear it
from people who are in a position to know.

Democrat Bryan Lentz, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for
Congress in Pennsylvania’s Seventh District, is a decorated veteran of the
Iraq war. In the first four months of his candidacy, he raised more money
than all of Curt Weldon’s Democratic opponents over the last ten years,
combined. For more information log on to


Anonymous said...

A depuyty campaign manager for a US House race? Wow, I'm impressed. And top top it off she coordinated field activities in a Senate race! Man! She really is national talent!

Anonymous said...

Well, she probably doesn't have the razer-sharp political and fundraising skills of Cliff Wilson -- and, what with his tremendous track record, who does? -- but I'm pretty sure she's better than any talent that's come to the PA7 in 20 years. Underestimate at your own expense.

Anonymous said...

Word from some firends in the party is that Lentz is dropping out. So much for all those bashing Cliff Wilson. Still leaves me wondering what happened to Lentz' holier than thou attitude and bashing of "backroom deals."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Well, she probably doesn't have the razer-sharp political and fundraising skills of Cliff Wilson -- and, what with his tremendous track record, who does? -- but I'm pretty sure she's better than any talent that's come to the PA7 in 20 years. Underestimate at your own expense."

Hah, looks like she'll be running a state rep race while Cliff Wilson is handling the Congressional race. Nice razer (sic) sharp political skills she's got.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "underestimate at your own expense."

Look who fell victim to his/her own warning.....

Interested said...

Sestak is the democratic party's best chance to unseat Weldon in this November's Congressional elections. He has the experience and charisma needed to sway fence-sitting voters, independants, and moderate Republicans toward the democratic ticket. His experience in the Navy and especially in the Pentagon is an advantage that can not be overlooked. His military experience provides him with an aura of protection and safety, something that the democratic party has been accused of lacking. Whatever his stances are on Iraq and the war on terrorism, we as voters can have confidence that his decisions will come from an informed and experienced platform. The leaders of the Democratic party have seen the potential in Sestak; they have chosen him as their congressional candidate, having bargained deals with both Scoles and Lentz to stand down. Unseating the incumbent Weldon will be a mighty task, and Joseph Sestak is the man to do it.

Anonymous said...

weldon would wipe the floor with either candidate... $120,000... whoo - 1 day worth of TV time... call the race now.

Anonymous said...

Sestak has an office in Media with quite a large staff (I was just there) and a family residence in Springfield, as well as an apartment in Neither Providence. His Virginia home was for the Navy. He clearly lists all of his opinions on issues at his website, Although I can't comment much on his raised money, I know it is quickly rising, and has been in the past few weeks as more and more are learning his name.