Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Missing Person?

I finally got around to thinking about the Democratic contenders for Senate in 06. The primary is roughly 9 months away. I've been pregnant. I know how quickly and slowly (at the same time) 9 months can pass.

I've seen the polls putting Bob Casey ahead. I've read about the MoveOn endorsement for him that didn't leave much time for actual grassroots input. I know Joe Hoeffel and Ed Rendell have endorsed him. So, I decided to check him out for myself.

Starting with his website. I looked it over and what came to mind is a comment an old friend one received on a college paper. "You write very well. You don't know what you are talking about." In other words, it looks pretty but it doesn't say much. All style, little substance.

Plus, it wants an email before you can even get in to look at it. There is a "skip" feature but it is in small print.

There are jazzy banners and icons you can add to your website, a Casey "buddy icon" you can use in IMing. All that fancy schmancy stuff. On the home page you can find some info on Santorum's new book, Santorum's treatment of veterans, Rendell's endorsement of Casey, etc.

There is a very pretty bio of Bob Casey with a very pretty picture of his very pretty family.

Did I see one jot of information that would lead me to return to the site or vote for the man? Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope. What I see is an attitude of "I'm ahead in the polls and Rick Santorum is bad. Here are some nifty Internet things. Because you know you'll support me and vote for me. Yes you will." It reminds me of an old commercial that seemed somewhat threatening to me: "Someday we'll be your bank." Whether I wanted them to be my bank or not was apparantly not an issue. That's what I see on Casey's site, an assumption of support.

Bob Casey better get on the case or there could be some nasty surprises ahead.


albert said...

I'd just go out and call it bullshit right now. Just sitting on their hands and waiting it out. Just getting more and more baseless endorsements. Their entire campaign is 'I'm not Santorum, but like Santorum, I'm against allowing abortion' which is a crock of shit of a platform.


carla said...

I think you should consider contacting Casey's campaign and maybe even your local DFA affiliate..and bring that up.

Casey is a lousy campaigner. Anyone that can lose to Don Sherwood....

Welcome to the Progressive Women Bloggers webring.

AboveAvgJane said...


A while back one or more bloggers were trying to raise money so Casey could afford to buy an issues page on his site, so I don't think my comments were anything new. The powers that be know, they just aren't very concerned.