Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Muroff Announces Candidacy in 2nd Congressional District

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 Tonight before a packed house at Alma Mater in Mt. Airy, Dan Muroff officially announced his candidacy for Pennsylvania’s 2ndCongressional District.  Drawing on his experience as a long time advocate for Philadelphia’s most vulnerable, Muroff decided to run because he was dismayed at the lack of attention on Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic.
 “Illegal guns unraveled the fabric of our communities, and closed off opportunities for them to thrive.  Gun crimes destroy lives, families and futures.  It’s become America’s present day sin – our deepest despair – because it’s relentless and routine, and it leaves us astounded yet somehow indifferent. We’ve been snookered into believing that we can’t take this on. I don’t accept that,” Muroff stated to attendees. 

He also spoke of his family-particularly his sister who disappeared almost 20 years ago in North Philadelphia while dependent on drugs.  He shared how his sister was unable to secure a job because of a past criminal record, a story not unfamiliar to families across the 2nd District. 

He stated, “a non-violent criminal record in youth must not be an indelible mark, a label that a person is something so much less. There are real consequences when a person can’t rightly put their troubles behind them and find a secure job. It creates a self-defeating cycle – not just for them, but also for their families, and for society. I am committed to fixing this.”

Dan Muroff is an attorney and community leader who has worked tirelessly over the past decade to reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania.  As the most recent past-president of CeasefirePA, he is uniquely qualified to address the growing problem of gun violence in the 2nd Congressional District.  Additionally, Dan has served as the president of East Mt. Airy Neighbors and as the president of Conservation Voters of PA.  He has also worked as a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill, giving him the opportunity to advance a progressive agenda. 

Dan lives in Mt. Airy with his wife Melissa.

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