Sunday, January 03, 2016

Kreuger-Braneky Legislation Signed into Law

from the inbox on Dec. 28:

The governor has signed into law legislation by state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky that will aid in the collection of additional revenue for Pennsylvania, the freshman Delaware County legislator said today. 
Krueger-Braneky's bipartisan legislation will allow Pennsylvania to begin taxing tobacco used to make roll-your-own cigarettes.

Currently, only pre-rolled and pre-packaged cigarettes are taxed under Pennsylvania law. The law (Act 96 of 2015) authored by Krueger-Braneky makes roll-your-own tobacco subject to taxation in much the same way as cigarettes are and ensures the sale of that tobacco counts under the Master Settlement Agreement entered into 15 years ago with the major tobacco companies. 
Under the Master Settlement Agreement, tobacco companies have provided billions of dollars to the state for a variety of health-related programs for seniors and other Pennsylvania residents.

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