Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Brendan Boyle on CNN's "Wolf"

Congressman Brendan Boyle (D-13, Allyson Schwartz's old district) was on CNN's "Wolf" this past Friday.  The topic was the Iran deal.  His segment is about 4 minutes long and starts at about the 31 minute mark in the program.  I taped the show and watched it this weekend.  My notes are provided below.  They are rough notes and not intended as a verbatim transcript.   After typing them up, while looking for a link to the program, I found CNN's transcript so a link is provided to that.

Since both Wolf Blitzer and Brendan Boyle have the same last initial I just used the first initial.

W:  Republican lawmakers have rejected the Iran deal.   They did so unanimously in the House and Senate from the beginning.   Some Democrats have had their doubts as well.  Joining us now is Brendan Boyle of PA, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. You voted against this bill.  How do you think it is going along right now, any second thoughts.

B:  It was without question, though I haven’t been in Congress long, the most difficult vote I’ve had so far.  And I hope it is the most difficult vote for however long I serve.  I voted against it for several reasons, even though I’m a strong supporter of the president.  First the $56 billion dollars to be released.  W’re unfreezing these assets with no strings attached. Forget 5 or 10 years from now, look at  their support of Hammas, Hezbollah, they’re the bad actors in the region.
W:  Money could be used domestically in Iran but they could do whatever they want. 

B:  No strings attached.  That is something Congress should act on on a bipartisan basis.  If you are funding Hammas or Hezbollah .  Lebanon right now has hundreds of rockets pointed at Israel, most financed by Iran.  If they only use 5% of the unfrozen money on this that will be more than they’ve had to spend on their terrorist activities.  Moving forward how can we protect our most important allies in the region.  Moving forward, how to assure this money won’t be used for terrorist activities

W: response to video of sailors [mention of Republican debate]

B:  Ted Cruz and some others are very tough on the debate stage.  First, I’m privileged to be serving in Congress, not putting life on the line like the sailors.  I in no way criticize their behavior and what they chose to do.  The video and the fact that Iran made it and have them on their knees, shows the true nature of this regime,  what the Iranian government is like.  Leverage has been lifted.  Moderates not in charge.  Empowers hard liners who want to engage in this bombastic behavior.

The CNN transcript can be found at:  http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1601/15/wolf.02.html

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