Sunday, December 06, 2015

PA in the WSJ

Pennsylvania related items I noticed in this week's Wall Street Journal


Carnegie Mellon prof Jeff Galak gets a shoutout for a study he co-authored with Yang Yang (U Florida) about the sentimental vs economic value of gifts; see “What economists fail to see in the act of gift giving,” by Melvin Konner 12/05-06

“The Seacrests,” by Laurence Lowe (Wall Street Journal Magazine, Dec 2015 – Jan 2016) features Ryan Seacrest and his parents, both of whom grew up in southern Pennsylvania.

“Less sleep can feel better than interruptions,” by Sumath Reddy (12/01).  New parents take note:  researchers at Pitt “show sleeping fewer hours with no interruptions is better than longer time with interruptions.  Prof. Kristine Wilckens is mentioned specifically.


Broad Street Ministry’s partnership with local restaurants, specifically the Rooster Soup Company, gets an entire article in the Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 Wall Street Journal Magazine.  See “Eat, pay, give,” by Howie Kahn. 

Hershey is among the companies trying out the SmartLabel initiative, which allows shoppers to use smartphones to get more data on what’s in their food.  See “Food firms tackle labeling,” by Annie Gasparro 12/03

Good news here:  “American Eagle’s earnings surged in quarter,” by Josh Beckerman 12/03

Lynne Waymon, co-owner of Contacts Count, networking consulting firm in Newtown is quoted in “At your next party, have a conversation exit plan,” by Sue Shellenbarger 12/02

Endo Pharmaceuticals of Malvern, purveyors of Valtaren Gel (used for knee arthritis) is mentioned in “A way to fight pain and skip the pills,” by Laura Johannes 12/01

Storeroom Solutions of Radnor and executive Carlos Tellez are mentioned in “Firms shy away from spending “ by Eric Morath (12/01).  The company sells systems or organize and manage supplies.


Former PA Senator and occasional presidential candidate Rick Santorum gets a mention (as the candidate appealing social conservative working class voters), in “Trump forges a coalition:  Blue-collar not religious,” by Aaron Zitner and Dante Chinni 12/05-06

Congressman Tom Marino (R – 10) is quoted in “Washington divided on fix for Puerto Rico debt woes,” by Nick Timiraos and Aaron Kuriloff 12/04


Wharton is included in a graph in “Stanford tells M.B.A.s to wait on startups,” by Lindsay Gellman 12/03

The May Amtrak crash is mentioned in “Amtrak operating loss widened in fiscal year 2015,” by Andrew Tangel 12/02

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