Monday, December 14, 2015

Brian Gordon in Philly Mag

The cover story in the December 2015 Philadelphia Magazine, "Racial Profiling on the Main Line," by Steve Volk, mentions Brian Gordon, one of the Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2nd district (Philadelphia).  Gordon is currently a commissioner in Lower Merion.  Here are two quotes referencing Commissioner Gordon:

It was Gordon, a corporate attorney who convened a packed community meeting at the PALM Senior Center to deal with the controversy.  Citizens, mostly African-American lined up to speak.  "What got me were the stories," remembers Gordon.  "Person after person.  And they were just so moving." (p. 84 of print copy)


Lower Merion commissioner Brian Gordon is a white progressive.  he told me he wants to make sure regular meetings are held in Lower Merion on the subject of race. (p. 123)

The entire article is interesting, and alarming.

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