Saturday, January 24, 2015

John Oliver at the Tower Theater

John Oliver gave a great performance at the Tower Theater this evening.  He had a lot of local humor, Eagles jokes, riffing on the Mummers.  On being told that traffic problems meant the audience was being seated late he asked what was causing the problems.   Theater staff said “it’s Upper Darby.”   This led to some Upper Darby jokes. 

Oliver’s show was, in essence, a love letter to America.  He talked about his travels around the US and the idiosyncracies of the country.  He sang new lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner, with the audience joining in when prompted. 

As with all good comedians he told self-deprecating stories about himself, including his childhood dream of being an athlete, jokes about celebrity, and a story about his new puppy.

It was a great show.  Oliver was in top form.

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