Tuesday, January 06, 2015

George Matysik, Turkey Bowler

People in public office or in public service organizations do all kinds of things for the greater public good.  Ed Rendell, as mayor of Philadelphia, used to open city swimming pools by suiting up and jumping in.   Mayor Nutter rappels down city skyscrapers.  Many a school principal has sat in the dunking booth at the school fair.

Following this tradition George Matysik, candidate for an at large city council seat, recently left his job at Philabundance.  In that role he did whatever it took to bring in money and supplies.  In 2011 that included turkey bowling,  He was competing for 100 cases of frozen turkeys in the 3rd annual  ShopRite Partners in Caring Turking Bowling Invitational.  Harlem Globetrotters were involved.

Matysik's priority was feeding hungry people, and if he had to throw frozen turkeys at stacks of paper towels to do it, well, then that's what he did.  Photo available online.  

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