Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hansen Thank You

a note from State Senate candidate Jack Hansen:

To all my supporters and helpers;

The 2014 elections are behind us. The results are not what we wanted, but they are what they are. What we can learn from this year is that all committee persons have to work harder for the causes that we believe in, and all the volunteers have to stay engaged through every election cycle.
Elections are not about just one person, rather a common cause that will benefit all of us. I don't think any one of us saw the repeat of 1994 coming where there was a strong swing to the right.
We can take refuge in the fact that we elected Tom Wolf as our Governor, and Mike Stack as our Lieutenant Governor, but now it is our job to support them by staying on top of the issues and making our elected officials do our will and work with them.
I ran for State Senate because I believed that we need a change in our state government, and I still believe that! About 22,000 voters also believe that. It is the job of the candidate to deliver a victory for their supporters. I failed to deliver for you. I am not asking for sympathy in that statement. I am just stating a fact. I truly am humbled by all the support that you gave to me, and I will never forget it. I consider all of you friends even if we didn't have the opportunity to meet personally. Over the six months of this campaign I had the opportunity to travel over 17,000 miles in my old station wagon, and never leave the district, I attended town hall meetings, breakfasts with civic groups, luncheons with retirees, dinners with committees, and even a cruise on the Delaware River. I went to community days, parades, and picnics. I had the opportunity to speak with many people who all felt the same way about our government. They are tired of the gridlock and dis-function of our government that has haunted both Washington and Harrisburg. I knocked on doors and spoke with regular folks who just wanted to vent about their displeasure with the status quo. We all want the same thing. A government that works for all of us, not just the privileged few.
From what I have heard, with the exception of Tom Wolf, our campaign delivered a better showing than any other challenger in the state. I could not have done this without your support
I am proud of my staff, and all of the volunteers who worked so many hours to make a difference. Please stay involved, and informed so you can help candidates in the future.
Thank you for all your hard work!
Jack Hansen

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