Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Concession Note from Kevin Strouse

a note from Kevin Strouse, who ran for Congress in the 8th district (Bucks Co)


We came up short last night. It's never fun to be on the losing side of things, but as I reflect on our effort I know that my team did everything it could to win this race, including working many late nights to get out the vote. Thanks to your efforts, we reached out to over 220,000 voters throughout this campaign. In fact, we knocked over 20,000 doors just in the last four days.

I am so grateful for your loyal support. I asked constantly for your help, and you always came up big for us. I am deeply flattered you were willing to stand with me. 

Ultimately, we talked about the issues that matter most. We stood up for improving our education system, we pushed for equality, and we tirelessly fought for opportunity for all.

I do have one final request of you: please stay involved. The issues are too important and our problems are too large to stop working towards a better country. If good people like you don't continue fighting, who will? 

Thank you for all you've done. 

Kevin Strouse

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