Tuesday, October 14, 2014

State Legislation I: State Senate Meddling with Gun Safety / Domestic Violence Legislation

This is taken from two CeaseFire PA communications:

Last week a bill to punish towns and cities for passing gun safety legislation was stopped.  The bill would have allowed organizations , for example the NRA or the KKK to sue municipalities for passing laws to curb the illegal trafficking of firearms.  This week that wording in HB 2011 / HB 1243 was attached as an amendment to HB 1796 on its third consideration in the state senate, which is primarily aimed at protecting the victims of domestic violence.  If the amendment is approved this will put state senators in the position of either approving the "sue the city" wording or voting against an otherwise productive bill.

Contact your state senator and ask them to vote against the amendment, or if it passes, vote against the bill.

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