Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Update from CeaseFirePA

A note from our friends at CeaseFirePA:

Thanks to all your hard work yesterday, the "guns in parking lots" Amendment was ruled out of order and was not considered on the floor of the House.
But instead of getting to work on serious things, another Rep. has decided to attach the same amendment to a bill about certain electric vehicles scheduled to be voted on tomorrow. And we also know that the gun lobby is doing all it can to have its favorite bill -- the one that would allow gun owners to sue towns that enact ordinances like lost or stolen reporting (HB 2011) -- come to the floor.
We know Harrisburg heard from us yesterday, and we intend to keep sending the message that we want our Reps. to get their priorities straight.
They should be working on policies that will help make our communities safer, like expanding background checks.
As the games continue in Harrisburg, we’ll keep you posted about what’s happening and what we need to do to keep the lawmakers working for us.

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