Sunday, June 08, 2014

Thank you letter from Brendan Boyle.

This is what a $30.00 dollar donation to Brendan Boyle gets you:

Thank you for your contribution to my campaign for Congress.  With your support, our campaign was able to decisively win our primary election with over forty percent of the vote, while also succeeding our nearest opponent by almost fifteen percent!  It was a win that was only made possible through the support of hundreds of volunteers and supporters over the last year, and your willingness to stand with me during this campaign has been a source of tremendous motivation.
As we look toward the November general election, we are continuing our work to make sure that we send a strong voice to Washington that will be an advocate for working families.  As a state Representative, it has always been my goal to be accessible to my constituents.  As a member of Congress, I will continue to work every day to ensure that families and communities across our region have a seat at the table.  This effort requires broad based support from every stakeholder in our community, and your contribution to our campaign is crucial in this effort.  
Thank you again for standing with me as I bring my fight for working families to Congress.  I am grateful for your continued friendship and support.
The capitalization on state Representative in the second paragraph seems a little odd to me, and I question the use of succeeding as a verb in the first paragraph.  He may be a policy wonk but I wouldn't vote him in a grammar nerd.

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