Monday, June 09, 2014

Daylin Leach Sets Up New PAC

An announcement from State Sen. Daylin Leach about his new PAC:

I last wrote you about starting up a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is dedicated to electing progressive candidates and furthering issues important to the progressive movement. 
 Today, we launched "Progressive America PAC."
 As we get things off the ground, Progressive America PAC will be building infrastructure, raising money, putting together a national grassroots network of volunteers, and tackling some of the most pressing issues that the progressive community cares about. 
 Our goal will be to provide early support, guidance, and money for the future progressive leaders that will fight for the issues that we all care deeply about. Then, to mobilize our grassroots network (that includes you!) to help them get elected.   
There are also progressive issues that are pregnant at the moment -- issues that, if we get together, we can change. There are two main issues that Progressive America PAC will turn its focus on in the short term (I'm not saying these are the only issues that we will be focusing on, just the ones that we are working on right now), and Pennsylvania is the perfect place to get started:
First, during my Congressional campaign, I spoke a lot about raising the minimum wage to $12/hour (with automatic cost of living increases) and eliminating the tipped minimum wage -- currently federal law sets the minimum wage for tipped workers at ONLY $2.13/hour -- so that everyone makes a livable wage. While the Congressional campaign, is over, this fight continues, and we MUST work to make sure that every American makes a livable wage.  
 Second, in Pennsylvania, gay and lesbian couples are allowed to get married (thanks to a court ruling), but they also face LEGAL discrimination. That's right, if an employer wants to fire someone for being gay in Pennsylvania, there is no legal recourse. We need to work together to change this -- a society cannot sit back and allow discrimination at any level.
Progressive America PAC will grow and develop, and I want to hear from you along the way. This is about our movement, this is about fighting for every American, and this is about all of us staying active and involved to bring about change. 
Finally, I was joined at the launch by two of our board members, State Rep. Brian Sims from Philadelphia who is Pennsylvania's first elected openly gay legislator, and State Rep. Mary Jo Daley from the Philly suburbs who is one of the true progressive leaders in the state. I'm looking forward to all of us working together. 
We can all bring about change.

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