Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Schwartz Concession Email

from the inbox:

I'm writing to you tonight to say thank you.

Since I announced my run for governor, you have all been incredible. Whether you've shared a graphic, had a conversation that mattered at someone's door, or donated when I asked - I am so thankful for everything you have done.

We not only spoke out for public education, for health care for all, and for economic opportunity, but we called for real change in politics in Pennsylvania.

We knew we would change Harrisburg and so many voters agreed with us. And tonight, we did better than any Democratic woman running for governor has ever done in Pennsylvania history, better than any woman running in the city of Philadelphia has done.

We made progress that everyone should be proud of.

Yet, the political pundits, the media, the Harrisburg establishment couldn’t believe a woman could serve as governor -- couldn’t even imagine it. And denied it even mattered. And while it didn’t happen this year -- it will happen in Pennsylvania and across the country.

Because women’s accomplishments, women’s capabilities and talents must recognized and must be utilized as leaders, executives, and yes, governors!

Even though I won’t have the privilege of serving as your governor, I will not stop working to find the answers to our challenges and the opportunity to achieve our shared goals. I have called to congratulate Tom Wolf on his victory, and he has my full support in beating Tom Corbett in November.

Thank you for everything,


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