Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cickay Launches Cickay Running Campaign

from the inbox:

Although a newcomer at running for political office, Steve Cickay, currently the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania District 10 State Senator, has been running for most of his life. “I started running on my high school cross country team at age 11, and that was the start of a great lifetime habit” said Candidate Steve Cickay, who is now age 59 and still running. Steve did his last marathon 10 years ago in New York City, but still can be seen on the local 5K running scene. “Running has kept me fit and focused and has taught me important life-skills related to perseverance, going the distance, and accomplishing objectives.” 
            During a recent run along the Delaware River towpath, Candidate Cickay came up with the idea of combining his two passions of politics and running. He is, therefore, launching on May 10 in Doylestown his CICKAY RUNNING CAMPAIGN as part of his race for state senate. Steve and his supporters will be running on May 10 at 9:30 AM in the “Run, Walk & Roll 5K “which is part of the spring Bucks 5K Series (www.bucks5kseries.com). Rumor has it that his supporters will be getting some new “CICKAY FOR STATE SENATE” T-shirts if they finish the race. “Running in 5Ks is not only a great way to stay healthy, but also an opportunity to support some great causes for the local community. Of course by launching this running campaign, I hope to increase awareness of my state senate campaign and talk directly to voters after the races. But more importantly, I hope to encourage more runners to contribute to these worthwhile causes” says a hopeful and optimistic Cickay. The May 10 race supports teacher grants for students with special needs.
             Cickay hopes many runners will attend this race and wants to run in every 5K in District 10 between now and the November 4th election. Next up are the two remaining races in the spring series, the May 24 Doylestown 5K and the June 7th Chalfont Challenge. Check out his Facebook Page “Steve Cickay for State Senate” for his future 5K running schedule and join the fitness fun.  Cickay hopes to see many of you on both the campaign and road race trails in the near future!

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