Monday, March 24, 2014

Jared Solomon's Plan for Seniors

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On Monday, March 24, 2014, Jared Solomon, candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 202ndDistrict, unveiled his plan to assist seniors living in the Northeast.
“The Northeast has long been a great place to retire and I want to keep it that way,” said Jared Solomon.  “I have already laid out plans for some of the major issues like reducing crime and improving our commercial corridors, and there are additional issues specific to our seniors that need to be addressed.  I intend to be a Representative who will take action for our neighbors, and that begins with our seniors.”
Lower Property Taxes
While some programs like LOOP assist in lowering property taxes for a select few, I believe we must ultimately keep taxes in check for all of our longtime property owners. Right now, most changes to the tax code need to go through Harrisburg, which is why tax reform can take so long. When I go to Harrisburg, I will go with the clear purpose of helping put more money in the hands of our residents-- and less in the greedy legislators' pockets. 
Keep Medicare and Medicaid intact
While Medicare and Medicaid are federal programs, the state administers how many of the benefits are allocated.  In Harrisburg, I’ll fight against Republican efforts to effectively “voucher” our health system instead of providing the necessary services.  I will also fight to keep our local healthcare providers going strong, and make sure locations like the 10th District Health Center and Jeanes Hospital are getting the necessary resources from government.
Reduce Crime
In February, I unveiled a plan to tackle crime both locally and citywide. Reducing crime in the Northeast is a priority of all of our residents, but it is of particular importance to our vulnerable senior population.  In addition to the issues identified in the crime plan, I will work in Harrisburg to strengthen our elder abuse laws create a local task force to assist seniors with quality-of-life issues.

Transportation Funding
Last year, SEPTA’s CCT Connect (aka ParaTransit) provided nearly 2 million rides to senior and disabled residents. Why some legislators from the far right have attempted cut transportation funding, this subsidy is vital to keeping our seniors safe and mobile. As a legislator, I’ll work across the aisle to secure this funding and collaborate with healthcare providers locally to create better access to doctor’s offices, so we can reduce any misuse of our first responders.  
Retirement Planning
Planning for retirement should begin long before reaching age 65.  As a State Representative, I will host regular retirement planning seminars to encourage our residents to plan ahead. The Philadelphia region is a center for many retirement planning companies whose knowledge and expertise can be capitalized on to assist our residents.  

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