Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ian Thomas Runs in 168th

Ian Thomas is collecting signatures to be the Democratic candidate for the 168th state house district (Upper Providence, Media, Chester Heights, Newtown Twp, Middletown Twp, Edgmont Twp, Thornbury Twp, and part of Marple Twp).

Ian’s bio, from the inbox:
Ian Thomas takes pride in healing. Through hisdegree in Biology (2004 - Cum Laude) from Rollins College, he has sought tounderstand how to heal our ecosystem during his work in an Ecology Lab studyinginvasive species at the USDA in Fort Lauderdale and ourselves in a Genetics Labat the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Realizing his passion for connecting with people more directly, Ian has moved forward to heal our bodies through massage (Healing Hands Massage) and the educational wounds that keep students from learning as he tutored at Delaware County Community College.   
             As Ian engaged in studies towards a master’s degree in secondary education toteach Biology, he became more aware of the structural damages that exist in oureducational system. This has driven him to run for office again. Ian is stillcommitted to the progressive issues with which he ran on in his 2008 election,which focused on Single Payer Healthcare, Living Wage and a SustainableEnvironment. Once elected to represent us in Harrisburg, Ian’s studies ofNonviolent Communication and Restorative Practices will aid him in healingPennsylvania.

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