Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Doctor is In: Trivedi in the 6th

from the inbox:

Launching a new campaign for the now open 6th congressional seat in Pennsylvania, Manan Trivedi spoke of his commitment and career to public service. As an a Iraq War veteran, primary care physician and father, Trivedi presented an agenda designed to create economic opportunity in Pennsylvania.
 This election is an opportunity for the people of the 6th District to say no to political gridlock, and yes to ideas that strengthen and grow the middle-class. As a father, doctor in the community and Iraq War veteran, I'm tired of politicians who help themselves instead of the people they're paid to represent. As Congressman, I'll only answer to Pennsylvanians, not political insiders -- and work with local businesses to create jobs; provide strong support for public education so we prepare students to compete in a global economy; make sure we keep our commitment to our veterans and protect Medicare and Social Security for senior citizens.”

Trivedi has run for this office twice before against then incumbent Jim Gerlach.  This year, however, Gerlach is not running; it is an open seat.  Trivedi's usual campaign site is trivediforcongress.com but it does not appear to be up and running yet.

I've written a number of posts on Trivedi over the years, including some event posts.  You can find a list of the posts by clicking on Trivedi's name on the right hand sidebar post label, or follow this link:


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