Thursday, February 06, 2014

Brian Sims Endorses Jared Solomon

from the inbox:

On Thursday, February 6th 2014, State Representative Brian Sims endorsed Jared Solomon for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 202nd District.
"The issues of our time are too important to let broken politics paralyze our state government,” said Rep. Sims. “Representing the people of Pennsylvania in the legislature is an incredibly serious job which requires effective leaders like Jared Solomon who have a record of bringing people together.”
Sims, elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2012 as the Commonwealth’s first openly LGBT legislator in its history, noted the importance of electing strong leaders who will help Philadelphia regain its political prestige.“Philadelphia has lost its voice in the capitol, and if we are going to get it back, we must elect energetic leaders like Jared Solomon to the State House,” said Sims. “I need a colleague like Jared Solomon in Harrisburg, who my colleagues and I can rely on to work hard to move our Commonwealth forward.”
Solomon, who has built an aggressive campaign on the theme of taking action, spoke about the importance of Representative Sims’ support. “It’s an honor to have the support of one of the trailblazers in the next generation of leadership in Philadelphia and Harrisburg,” said Solomon. “Representative Sims has demonstrated that the status quo can be overcome by hard work and integrity—two things I vow to bring to this campaign.  From Castor Avenue to the Capitol Building, I intend to work with Brian to get Pennsylvania on track.”
Representative Sims’ endorsement of Jared Solomon follows the endorsement of Admiral Joe Sestak, the highest ranking military official ever elected to Congress. Since announcing his candidacy before a packed house on December 8th, Solomon has held a series of “community dinners,” engaging hundreds of 202nd District voters.  Solomon also announced his campaign raised over $65,000 in its first finance report—an unprecedented amount for Democratic challengers in the 202nd District.
“This is not just a standard endorsement,” said Sam Shoap, campaign manager for Friends of Jared Solomon. “This is the building of a movement of the next generation of courageous leaders.”

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