Friday, November 08, 2013

On to the Next: Jared Solomon in the 202nd

Jared Solomon, who has been active in political campaigns and community organizations for years, has decided to run for the 202nd state house district, in Northeast Philadelphia.  The official announcement will be made later this month, but a campaign website is up and running at:

This will be a primary challenge to State Rep. Mark Cohen (known for his considerable use of per diems, see "State Rep. Cohen 'milks system;' claims 39K in per diems," by Dennis Owens, abc27, 8/16/2002)

The campaign will be lively.  This is definitely one to watch.


Rep. Mark Cohen said...

While those who believe that per diem expenses are inherently illegitimate may know me for them, others who are interested in what I and other legislators actually do with the time they are in Harrisburg, know me for my leadership role on numerous state issues.

I am the first legislator since the early 1980's to introduce medical marijuana legislation. In this session, for the first time ever, it has picked up some Republican backing.

In the late 1980's, I became the first legislator to get a minimum wage bill enacted into law. I led the successful effort in the House for a second minimum wage bill to be enacted in 2008, helping push the minimum wage up 113% since 1988. I am still at it in 2013, introducing legislation to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from the current federal level of $7.25.

I am a leader in efforts to fully fund Philadelphia public schools. I have publicly urged Governor Corbett to tap Ed Rendell to Chair the School Reform Commission because Rendell knows how to lead and gets important things done. For the long haul, I have introduced legislation to create an elected school board with taxing power for Philadelphia, so that Philadelphia will have the same ability to raise local revenue as does every other school district in Pennsylvania.

Decade after decade, I have been one of those who has helped define the Democratic Party line on many important issues. This year, I have been Democratic Chair of the House State Government Committee, the committee with leading jurisdiction on civil rights and voting rights. I have long been a leader on these issues, and I am now focusing on ending discrimination against members of the GLBT community and repealing or otherwise nullifying Pennsylvania's regressive Voter ID law.

My opponent has yet to take a position on a single piece of state legislation. Sooner or later, I suppose, we'll find out where he stands. But voters in the 202nd District generally know where I stand, and I have been greatly encouraged by the enthusiastic response I have received so far.

mike craig said...

Jared Solomon is a fine young community leader who offers hope for the future of the Noertheast. Rep. Mark Cohen's time has come and gone. It's time for new leadership.