Monday, November 11, 2013

New Brendan Boyle Video and Website

from the inbox:

In the first video of his campaign for Congress, Brendan Boyle recounts his path from row house to state house, with stops at Notre Dame and Harvard along the way.  Boyle, who’s father continues to work as a janitor cleaning SEPTA stations and who’s mother worked for twenty five years as school crossing guard relates his improbable story.  Mrs. Boyle sadly passed away just last week.  Brendan and Kevin Boyle each ran against incumbent machine politicians, including House Speaker John Perzel, and won seats in the statehouse where Brendan has fought to make college more affordable for working and middle class families.

In his video, Boyle talks about his wide support from more than twenty local labor organizations and says the following about why he is running:
“When millionaires are paying lower tax rates than cops and firefighters, and the largest corporations on earth are getting billions in handouts - while we cut proven anti-hunger programs and talk about privatizing Medicare - something is really out of whack with where we’re heading as a country.”
Watch Boyle’s New Video
Boyle also launched a new more user friendly website that is customized for use on smart phones and tablets.

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