Thursday, October 31, 2013

Montco Women I: Jeanne Sorg for Ambler Mayor

There are a number of highly qualified women candidates running for office in Montgomery County.  One is Jeanne Sorg, Democratic candidate for mayor of Ambler.

Among her accomplishments:

  • currently a senior staffer for State Rep. Steve McCarter 
  • formerly Assistant Director of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee
  • community volunteer in Ambler

Issues she has worked on are:

  • storm water infrastructure
  • violence prevention (including helping women escape domestic violence)
  • education 
  • environment (including flooding, community gardens, and Marcellus Shale jobs)
  • helping low income students get school supplies

She describes herself this way:

Many folks still remember me as the mom who walked [daughter] Amelija to school with a toddler in a little red wagon as it clicked and clacked on the sidewalk.    That’s how I got to know many of you in Ambler.

People might also remember her as the wife of former State Rep. Rick Taylor.

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