Monday, October 07, 2013

Fracking Poll

A pollster called this evening.  He was a little cagey about who was paying for the poll but did say it was being done under the auspices of Public Opinion Research.  The pollster had a noticeable accent and pronounced Gov. Corbett's name so that the last syllable sounded like bay (as in sorbet) not bet.  I corrected him; I'm sure he was pleased about this.

I took notes while on the phone and caught the gist but not the exact wording of the questions.

Are you registered at this address?
Would you pay $20 or $30 more a year in property taxes to improve water quality and environmental preservation?
Have you heard of [the official name of fracking]?
What is your view on it:
1) moratorium
2) continue but tighten regulations
3) continue as is
4) loosen regulations

Do you agree or disagree with these statements?

1) tighter regulations would improve drinking water
2) tighter regulations would improve water quality and health
3) tighter regulatiosn would have a negative impact on the economy and destroy jobs
4) fracking created jobs for people I know

How do you react to these statements

1) We have twice as much natural gas as Saudi Arabia and we should do more to be energy independent
2) Allegheny Institute for Public Policy showed that fracking created new full time  jobs in the state and will create more [this was longer with more statistics]
3) Fracking used in 1 million wells for more than 60 years with no problems
4) the natural gas boom has increased the energy supply

React to these statements on tighter regulations:

1) Fracking in PA is a risking new process endangering the water supply
2) Oil and gas lobbyists have cut funds, taking environmental cops off the beat, only 9,000 wells inspected and many have problems
3) Politicians allow fracking in rivers, forests and parks
4) Oil and gas companies promised a bonanza but jobs are going to out of state workers

How do you feel about fracking

1) loosen regulations
2) continue as is
3) continue but tighten regulations
4) moratorium

Do you agree or disagree with:

1) Tighter regulations would impact the environment
2) Tighter regulations would improve health
3) Fracking created jobs for people I personally know
4) Tight regulations would improve water quality

With what you now know what is the best reason to tighten regulations [open ended question]

Do you favor or oppose?

1) increase fees to frack to clean up water
2) Prohibit fracking within 500 ft of schools, etc.
3) Require natural gas companies to disclose the chemicals they use
4) moratorium until the risks are better understood


year of birth
how much education
Democrat or Republican
strong attachment to party

In the past 2 or 3 years have you engaged in these activities?  If yes, frequently or occasionally?

visited parks with lakes
canoeing or kayaking
hiking in parks or on trails

married or single

primarily use house phone or cell phone

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