Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Home Sale in Montco

from the inbox:

Montgomery County Treasurer Jason Salus, who also serves as the County’s Director of Tax Claim, invites qualified bidders to participate in the Thursday, September 12th Upset Real Estate Tax Sale. Properties offered at the Upset Sale are delinquent for two years on their real estate taxes.
The 2013 Upset Sale process began this July, when over 1,300 delinquent taxpayers receivedtheir first formal notice of the sale proceedings. Since then, more than 700 property owners have made payment or entered payment plans, resulting in $3.3 million of 2011 county, school,township and borough taxes collected. As a result, there are currently 603 properties remainingon the sale list. Typically, property owners make payments up until the morning of the sale toavoid having their property exposed to sale.
The minimum bid for each property offered at the Upset Sale is collection costs, outstandingtaxes and municipal liens. Properties purchased at Upset Sale are subject to all outstanding liensand encumbrances. “The Upset Sale is one of our most effective means for collectingchronically delinquent real estate taxes for the County, our school districts, townships andboroughs. Even after hundreds of property owners have made payment, many good investmentopportunities remain in every corner of the county. Unlike last month’s “free and clear” sale, successful Upset Sale bidders are responsible for outstanding liens and mortgages, making it exceptionally important that bidders do their due diligence before they bid,” Salus stated.A complete list of properties available in this sale is available at www.montgomerycountytaxclaim.com. Please note that the list is updated daily to reflect additional payments and may change up to the day of the sale.
 “Our Real Estate Tax Sales have seen an increasing number of bidders, which is an encouraging sign for Montgomery County’s real estate market. The Upset Sale is an integral part of our ongoing efforts to collect revenues owed to the County, our school districts, townships and boroughs, while also returning these properties to the tax rolls,” said Salus.
The sale begins at 10 AM in Courtroom A next Thursday, September 12th. Prospective bidders must register with the Tax Claim Bureau no later than the day prior to the sale. Additional sale guidelines and registration information is available at www.montgomerycountytaxclaim.com

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