Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two New Philadelphia Literary References

If you have been watching the Longmire series on A&E, you might be interested in knowing that it is based on a series of books by Craig Johnson.  In the series deputy sheriff Vic Moretti is a former Philadelphia cop.  This is also true in the books; in addition Sheriff Longmire's lawyer daughter practices in Philadelphia (in the tv series she, like her father, lives in Wyoming).  I haven't tackled the books yet but have enjoyed this show this season.  It's a modern day western mystery.  Longmire t-shirts and other gear sport logos designed by a Philadelphia firm, Joel Katz Design Associates.

Want to help cats in Philadelphia?  Have I got a poster for you!!  CityKitties is a local charity to help foster cats and kittens in Philadelphia.  In 2010 sci fi writer John Scalzi said if he reached 30,000 twitter followers he would be covered in buttercream frosting.  Fellow sci fi writer Neil Gaiman somehow got involved and the actual frosting event (done by Derby Girls) took place on Gaiman's front lawn.  A photographer took pictures for proof (there's also a video) and one of the pictures was turned into a poster.  The poster was offered for sale with proceeds going to two groups, one of them being CityKitties.  That's a long story but that's just how Scalzi rolls. I'm not sure the poster is still available but it would be worth a try.

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