Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rain Delays

There was a lot of water where I live this morning.  Along some of the streets water was up to the middle of the tires on cars parked along the curb.  The streets themselves were like fast moving streams.  As I walked to the train station the water was to my ankles on the sidewalk (it was higher on the edge of the street and maybe lower in the middle, but, given the rain and limited visibility, I wasn't going to walk in the street).  I was splashed by passing cars and drenched when I got to work.   Fortunately I keep a gym bag in my office.  Sweat pants and sneakers may not be acceptable office attire but at least they were dry.

SEPTA service was disrupted in places.  They've posted details and pictures of some of the damaged tracks.  I'd rather be late than on a derailed train and looking at these pictures I think delays were definitely called for.

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