Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Latin: Not As Dead As You Might Think

"Latin's a dead language,
as dead as it can be.
First it killed the Romans,
now it's killing me."

I hear that rhyme more often than I care to.  The Latin language was one of my college joys and it delights me to this day, though my skill with it has never been particularly good.  Lately I've found two new ways to enjoy it.  There is a Latin words app, similar to the "7 words" app for English, French, and Spanish.  It's a great train past time.

Were that not enough, Eddie Izzard, one of my favorite comedians, has a sketch on Hannibal crossing the Alps; Latin plays a large role in it, though Izzard says it is a silly language.  You can watch it online (note, not safe for work).

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