Sunday, July 21, 2013

Theater Review: Noises Off

This evening I saw "Noises Off" at the People's Light & Theatre in Malvern.  The play is by Michael Frayn, directed by Peter Pryor.  It is is being staged through August 4th.

The British comedy follows a touring theatre company from the last rehearsal (act one), to a mid-point in the tour (act two), and then one of the later stops (act three).  The audience sees the same scene of the play within a play, twice as an audience would and once with a backstage view.  As the play goes on there is more physical comedy and slapstick.  The actors do a great job.  I was laughing throughout. The hatchet scene is hilarious.  The character's romantic entanglements and ability to improvise (or lack thereof) with lost lines and malfunctioning props are the focus of the action, although they say it is all about doors and sardines.

Costume designer Marla Jurglanis did an outstanding job.  Vicki's pink underwear, Flavia's teal dress, and Tim's Pokemon t-shirt were outstanding.

The tickets are reasonably priced.  If you are looking for an outing, I encourage you to see this play.  Their offerings next season also look intriguing.  

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