Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Literature Notes

A few literature and media notes:

BBC broadcast a wonderful 3 part show called "In the Flesh" which is now available in the US.  It is exceptionally well-written and acted.  The premise is that four years ago people who had died the previous year rose as zombies and wreaked havoc on society.  They are now referred to has having "partially dead syndrome" and are medicated and returned to their home communities.  As you might expect, not everyone is excited about this.  Personally, having read that the popularity of zombies in the media is related to a poor economy, I wonder if shows like this and the movie "Warm Bodies" is a sign of of economic recovery.

Mystery fans -- Sue Grafton's next book in the Kinsey Milhone alphabet series, W is for Wasted, is due out in September.

Sci fi fans -- John Scalzi's latest book, the Human Division, is now available.  It takes place in the Old Man's War universe.

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