Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Superior court Judge on PCN

from the inbox:

In an historic first, Superior Court President Judge Correale Stevens spends an hour with the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) on Thursday, May 2 at 7:00 p.m. talking about Pennsylvania’s legal and judicial systems. 
In a series called “Courts 101 with Judge Correale Stevens,” the head of Pennsylvania’s second highest appellate court will appear on PCN for four episodes.  During the hour-long programs, Judge Stevens will talk about judicial temperament, what makes a good lawyer, and more about the court process.Viewers can check for airtimes. 
"Many Pennsylvanians have questions about our judicial system, and PCN has given us a great opportunity to talk directly to citizens about how courts work, to de-mystify what might seem like a confusing and intimidating process,” said Judge Stevens, who is serving his second 10-year term as a Superior Court judge and his first as that court’s president judge. 
PCN’s president, Brian Lockman, called “Court 101 with Judge Stevens” an important milestone for Pennsylvania.  “The Superior Court was the first of the appellate courts to open up some of its proceedings to the public through PCN’s cameras.  Now, Judge Stevens is making time to explain what citizens are seeing on PCN and for that, we are grateful.”

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