Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Philly Man Goes Hollywood

Long ago there was a psychology professor at Widener Univ named Dr. Donald Jackson, Jr.  Then he went to Hollywood and now he's Donny Jackson.  He's a producer, director, and "miscellaneous crew."  The Internet Movie Database lists some of this credits.  Brittany Spears to Tony Danza, with a side trip to The Bachelor.  A brief bio at "One Man Shown" gives a little more of this Philadelphia background.  In addition to his directing work he also has writing credits.  He had his acting and playwrighting debuts in Philadelphia, and is, or was, affiliated with the Ogranization of Black Screenwriters.  You can hear some of his work on YouTube.  (Caveat -- his delivery style is intense, but enjoyable.)

Who knew?

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