Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Legislative Update for May 7th

A few notes from yesterday's daily legislative activity email:

These bills were introduced and / or acted upon:

HB 764 on creating and using online accounts in someone's name (or a fictitious name) to harass or stalk another person, and the penalties for doing so.  (I may not have described this correctly; please read the text of the bill for clarification).

HB 818 prohibits any state health exchange set up under the Affordable Care Act from offering abortion coverage (with exceptions which are referenced by another law and not spelled out), but insists that all state exchange programs offer care for postabortion complications and care for miscarriages.

SB5 really stumps me.  It amends a community health bill to remove language specifying the provision for a mobile prenatal and natal education lab.  It also amends the credentials required by people who staff clinics.  The Senate journal could probably provide some context but today's Journal won't be available for awhile.

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