Saturday, May 11, 2013

Katie McGinty's Mother's Day Message

from the inbox:

Growing up, our house was filled with lots of love and laughter --- and hard work. At the center of it all was my late mom, Alma Berry McGinty. She raised ten kids --- I'm the ninth --- while working as a restaurant hostess.
It was a challenge for her. As a Philadelphia police officer, my dad sometimes worked days, sometimes nights. Mom covered the shifts, always finding ways to be there for us. She did whatever it took.
Mother's Day is made for moms like her.
My parents taught me the value of hard work --- and they inspired me into public service. That's why I'm running for Governor of Pennsylvania:
I'm a working mom with three daughters of my own now. I understand the challenges families face. Gov. Tom Corbett is not only out of touch with what Pennsylvanians need to succeed, but he is creating obstacles that make it harder for families like yours to make it these days.
.       Gov. Corbett has slashed education funding, forcing school districts to lay off good teachers and cutting important programs like full-day kindergarten. Tuition costs are skyrocketing, putting college out of reach for many hardworking Pennsylvanians.
.       Gov. Corbett is neglecting our economic future. Pennsylvania ranks rock-bottom in job creation. We need job-training programs that teach our young people the skills and trades they need not only to compete, but also to lead a manufacturing renaissance.
.       Gov. Corbett is turning his back on families in need, denying health-care coverage to more than 482,700 uninsured Pennsylvanians who would qualify for insurance under the Medicaid expansion he continues to reject.
.       Gov. Corbett has weakened environmental programs that clean our air, protect our water and preserve our natural resources for our children and grandchildren. A clean environment is vital to ensuring vibrant, healthy communities for Pennsylvania families.
.       Gov. Corbett has attacked women's health and privacy, dismissively suggesting that women just "close your eyes" as he supported legislation that would require mandatory ultrasounds.
Pennsylvania is only as strong as its families. Under Tom Corbett's leadership, our state is falling behind. We can do better. And I'm ready to lead the way:

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