Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Guns and Little League Don't Mix

from the inbox:

CeaseFirePA and Mayors Against Illegal Guns issued the following joint statement on the May 11th Coalition for Peace Action gun violence prevention rally and the armed counter-protest:

Several weeks ago, more than a dozen grassroots gun violence prevention organizations came together to plan a peaceful rally for background checks and other common sense gun reforms.
Unfortunately, some individuals who disagree with this message have decided to stage an armed counter-protest in order to bully and intimidate the participants. It’s no surprise that the presence of armed bullies has led the police to recommend that the Little League consider relocating their games. Mayors Against Illegal Guns and CeaseFirePA continue to support the rally and the right of all the groups involved to peacefully assemble and loudly speak their minds. We respect the rights of those with differing views, but we urge them to refrain from intimidation and confrontation and leave their guns at home so the kids can play ball.

Background:On Monday, May 6, 2013, Morrisville Little League President Dan O’Connell was quoted in the Bucks County Courier Times:“I’m not upset with the Bux-Mont Coalition for Peace. I am not against the Second Amendment, and I have no problem with what they are looking to do, but now I hear pro-gun groups are going to be involved and they will be carrying firearms. How can I have all these kids playing baseball with that as a backdrop?”

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