Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boyle Brothers Send Out Their Troops

The local elections this year don't get a lot of press.  County judicial races, township / municipal offices, school boards and the like are low key and don't attract a lot of attention from donors or voters either.  The voter turnout for the May 21st primary will probably be embarrassingly slim (you, dear Reader, will be voting, won't you?).

The political eye is already focusing on 2014 congressional elections, if not looking ahead to the 2016 presidential.  Local candidates have to work hard to raise money, and retail politics is essential in local races.  Candidates have to go door to door in township and municipal races because television ads are too expensive and impossible to focus that narrowly.  Even online ads can be tricky at this election level.

Local officials are already being tapped for support in the 2014 races, as if they don't have their own races to win this year.  It is unusual for politicians to look down the ladder and ask what they can do to help.  So it was refreshing to find out that State Reps. Brendan and Kevin Boyle have enlisted their supporters and volunteers to go out to knock on doors and distribute campaign literature for local candidates.

Kudos to the Boyle brothers for asking "what can I do for you" as opposed to saying "here's what you can do for me."  They're paying it forward and that will most surely help them in the future.

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