Friday, April 19, 2013

Boy Scout Update (Brendan Boyle Edition)

According to today's Inquirer ("Phila. Boy Scouts wants gay policy left to local units," by Melissa Dribben), the local Boy Scout council is suggesting that the national organization allow local troops decide whether or not to allow gay scout leaders.

Boy Scouts of America is rumored to offer a proposal allowing gay scouts but not gay leaders ("Boy Scouts proposing to lift gay ban for scout," by David Cracy, AP, 4/19)

in related news, this showed up in the inbox:

 The Philadelphia chapter of Boy Scouts of America have proposed changing the organization's national policy to give local units autonomy in deciding whether to allow gay members. In response, Representative Brendan F. Boyle (Philadelphia/Montgomery Co) releases the following statement: 
“I am very glad that the Philadelphia Boy Scouts of America have decided to press for an end to discrimination against people on the basis of sexual orientation. This is an important step forward in the fight for full equality for all Americans. As a founding member of the PA House LGBT Equality Caucus, I support this decision for furthering the expansion of rights once denied to our fellow Americans just for being gay. 
I praise the efforts of the Philadelphia Boy Scouts of America in working to better both our youth and our communities – and now for setting a positive example of tolerance and acceptance for Philadelphia’s youngest citizens. With that said, allowing individual Boy Scout chapters to choose their policy on gay membership is only one step in the right direction toward a future of openness and tolerance. I call on the leaders of the Boy Scouts’ national chapters to support the Philadelphia chapter’s proposal and seize this opportunity to put an end, once and for all, to any question concerning the character and reputation of the Boy Scouts of America.
 The Boy Scouts of America are an outstanding organization that instills many positive values in its members. There is no place for discrimination or bigotry in the Boy Scouts.”

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