Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Murphy on Coming Home

Patrick Murphy's latest blog post on MSNBC recalls the fellow soldiers he knew in Iraq and what has happened to some of them.  Read "A soldier reflects:  Those who had the least to lose sent us to war."

By coincidence I was revisiting tours of duty this evening myself.  As has been mentioned here before I am an Army brat.  When I was in first grade my father was a platoon sergeant in Viet Nam.  He and my mother sent tapes back and forth.  I recently rediscovered some of those old tapes and a recording was recoverable on one of them.  My father died in 1993 so I was listening to a voice I hadn't heard in 20 years.  My children never met him so they were hearing their grandfather for the first time.  I made a copy for his only surviving sibling.

Soldiers overseas leave families at home; it's hard on everyone and the homecomings can be a difficult adjustment for all concerned.  Right now a lot of soldiers are coming home.  They need our support.

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